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Southern Pacific w/ LVT(A)1 - 3 Pack

Southern Pacific w/ LVT(A)1 - 3 Pack

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N Scale

Southern Pacific w/ LVT(A)1 - 3pk FOAM Rel. 05/24          

These Southern Pacific class F-70-2 50' flat cars were built in early 1941 by the Sacramento General Shops. The 70-ton cars in series 79700-79824 feature Bettendorf trucks and carry a military load representing the Landing Vehicle Tracked Amphibious Vehicle. The LVT(A)1 was an amphibious vehicle capable of transporting 18 men or over 2 tons of equipment. Built in 1941 originally to carry supplies, its potential use as an assault support vehicle was soon recognized and subsequently rolled out in 1942.

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*packaged in family foam nest

*SP® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad. Multi-Media Load.


Made in the USA

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