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FL4 - Four Function Only Decoder

FL4 - Four Function Only Decoder

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This function-only decoder is designed for any scale where extra lighting features and functions are needed. These decoders are commonly used for smoke coils, fireboxes, or step lights.


Note: FL-series decoders do not provide motor control. A separate decoder must be used for motor function.


  • Function Only: This decoder only has function control for lighting, and does not provide sound or motor control.


  • DC Mode: Decoder will automatically detect DC power. You can also configure how your lighting effects function on DC.


  • Incandescent Bulb Support: This decoder can be used with 12 Volt bulbs.


  • Function Remapping: Buttons 0 through 12 may be used to control the lighting functions of this decoder.


  • Programmable Lighting Effects: Choose from 20 separate user-programmable lighting effects!


  • Dimmable Brightness: Configure multiple different brightness levels for your LED's or incandescent bulbs.


  • Decoder Lock: Feature which prevents accidental/unwanted programming while activated.


  • Airwire™ Compatible: Fully compatible with Airwire™ operation.
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